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Activity Packages


Our experience tells us that human contact, mental stimulation, and physical activity produce a happier and healthier dog. To maintain a healthy level of activity we provide a number of packages that are customized to meet or enhance your pet’s normal “at-home” routine.

Note – all rates are in addition to the standard lodging fee for your pet.

The Plush Pup ($10.95 per day)

Your pet will enjoy one personal recreation period poolside each day in our exclusive recreation park. Afterwards, back in the suite, your pet will enjoy the Yappy hour flavor of the month “Snacktivity.”

The Ultra Plush Pup ($15.95 per day)

Designed for our guests that prefer 2 play sessions, your pet will participate in two recreation periods, poolside each day, in our exclusive recreation park and enjoy the Yappy hour flavor of the month “snacktivity.”

The Plush Pup Supreme ($19.95 per day)

For the high energy dog that enjoys spending time in active pursuits. We provide your pet with three personal recreation periods, poolside each day, in the recreation park. Afterwards, your pet can relax and enjoy the Yappy hour flavor of the month “snacktivity” waiting for him/her in her suite. At bed time your pet will be provided with tuck in service complete with a peppermint on the pillow.

Special Care All Inclusive Packs ($34.95 per day)

Note – Required for seniors and pets with health concerns.

Includes overnight lodging, two outings customized for age and fitness level, it also includes unlimited administration of medication and any special feedings. Additionally, your pet will take two walks, and ten minutes of one-on-one time with a staff member experienced with the needs of our special guests. Includes orthopedic bed and nightly tuck-in service.

Pup Starts ($34.95 per day)

Note –Required for all puppies 4 to 6 months of age

Includes overnight lodging and VIP puppy care for any age. We provide three-walks/leash training sessions and two personal play times. Just like at home, we will furnish meals in three feedings. Additionally, to help socialize your puppy we will perform a once daily brushing or a tender care massage session. At night time we furnish a Baby blanket and tuck in with a peppermint on the pillow.

Additional Services:

  • The Health & Fitness club ($10.95 per day) – Fifteen minute romps, or power walks. A kind “tough love” weight reducing pep talk with prescribed “Blue Buffalo” weight control diet. Between meals we furnish Special low fat carrot, apple or sweet potato slices as snacks. Daily “biggest looser” weigh in.
    The above with one additional fifteen-minute romp, or power walk is available for only $15.95 per day.
  • Design your own activity package – You tell us what your pet would like and we will design a package.

We do require vaccinations before your pet’s visit. These vaccinations include Rabies, a 5 or 6 in one (DHPP) and a Bordetella which is to protect against Canine Cough.

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