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Due to social distancing restrictions and our current COVID-19 safety protocols we have temporarily suspended training.  Stay tuned as Covid-19 protocols continue to change to see if we have resumed training.

Having trouble with obedience, or getting your dog to play well with others? We offer a series of training classes along with private lessons to help you address those behavioral issues and develop a good relationship with your dog.

Whether through group classes or one-on-one training with your dog, we offer a range of services, from basic to advanced obedience training to individual behavior problem solving. We can help you and your dog learn the skills needed to become a good mannered companion or a competitive canine athlete.

Group classes are held frequently and are limited in size to ensure individual attention. Private, in-home dog training at your convenience is also available.

Whether you’re training your first dog or already have experience working with dogs, we have a class for you!

Please contact us for a current schedule.